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The New Normal: Preparing Your Employees to Work Remote

Thur Mar 26 - 12PM EDT or Wed Apr 1 - 11AM EDT

Your Business Continuity is Our Number One Priority

Please join RingCentral for a quick 30 minute discussion on solutions to ensure business continuity and optimize your employees ability to be successful as a remote workforce.

We will dive into:

- Maximizing employee productivity with communication and collaboration
- Best practices, tools and processes to optimize an efficient remote workforce environment
- Solutions and tools to create a hassle-free experience, ensure business continuity and limit disruption and stress

Now more than ever, the use of powerful remote work tools like RingCentral is not just a matter of preference, but a matter of safety. Our goal is to provide our best in class communication and collaboration solutions to ensure business continuity and employee health and safety.

Join us and leave with solutions, best practices, and tips on optimizing your employees ability to be successful by building strong communication & collaboration in this dynamic, quickly changing workforce environment.

Register today and become confident in remaining connected and working harmoniously during this time.

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